Curelink for OB-GYNs

PCOS – PCOD Care that is


Curelink provides an exceptional experience to your patients that deliver results

We put patient experience first

Your patients are unique and so is their PCOS - PCOD treatment.

Dedicated Nutrition Coach

Dedicated nutritionist to curate diet plans according to your patient's needs. As well as weekly check-ins to increase adherence to a healthy lifestyle.

Dedicated Health Coach

A professional assistant that guides and motivates your patients throughout their PCOS - PCOD journey by setting up weekly health goals and celebrating tiniest of victories. Our experts focus on building personalised plans to tackle the root cause of PCOS.

Expert Led Live & Interactive Sessions

Regular yoga sessions to manage PCOS Symptoms along with interactive classes & workshops by a team of Fitness, Mental Health and Nutrition experts.

Daily Tips to Manage PCOS Symptoms

We persistently stand by your patient’s side in their PCOS journey through systematic and efficient tracking of their progress, improvements, and help them manage PCOS symptoms like -unwanted hair, weight loss/gain, acne, hair loss, mood swings, and irregular periods.

See how Curelink's PCOS-PCOD Care supports your patient through
their PCOS journey

Positive outcomes for your patients & your Brand

All tips and guidance are provided & verified by experts.

Curelink combines technology and human touchpoints to provide complete care to your patients

Decrease in Insulin Resistance

Decrease in Nutrition Deficiencies

Better Hormonal

Decline in
PCOS Symptoms

Google Rating


Clinical Return
on Investment

Decline in
PCOS Symptoms

Meet Our Care Team

Expert-led PCOS - PCOD Support with clinical approach to treatment

Ashima Raizada

Fitness & Wellness Coach
4+ Years Experience

Navya Bharti

Clinical Nutritionist
3+ Years Experience

Riya Puri

Clinical Nutritionist
4+ Years Experience

Srijan Kaur

Clinical Nutritionist
4+ Years Experience

Why Doctors recommend our PCOS - PCOD Careteam

"My experience with Curelink has been very pleasant. It has provided consistent guidance to my patients and has infused support and motivation to take charge of their own health in a holistic and sustainable manner."
Dr. Nupur Gupta
Gynecologists, Obstetrician
"Curelink app has been extremely helpful for me in dealing with my patients. The curated plan has successfully helped my patients in losing weight and reducing PCOS symptoms with simple lifestyle changes."
Dr. Swati Tyagi
Gynecologists, Obstetrician
"Curelink has been there for my patients from the start. Helping me serve more people on a larger scale. With Curelink, I can engage, interact and provide personalised care to those who need it the most. That too, under my very own umbrella."
Dr Sarthak Sidapara
MBBS, MD (Obs-Gynae)

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We will walk you through the product, answer your queries and guide you on how you can leverage WhatsApp to get new patients and maximise your patient outcomes